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Peru | Femenino


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Peru | Femenino


Peru is located on the western coastline just south of the equatorial nation of Ecuador. It is culturally diverse, with a wide and varied geography and climate.

The country is a well-known player on the coffee scene. Over two thirds of coffee production comes from the north of the country giving us plenty of creamy toffee, fudge and caramel flavours, mild acidic citrus notes and subtle body. Most producers in Peru operate small holdings typically less than 3 hectares in size, and organise themselves in to well run well managed cooperatives.

Café Femenino has strong footings in Peru, and has managed to highlight some exceptional coffees, and producing groups growing some exceptional coffees. The Café Femenino concept was conceived by 464 women of coffee cooperative CECANOR from the Lambayeque region in 2004. While women have always been crucial to coffee production in Peru, men traditionally held the economic power. They formed the first Cafe Femenino co-op to separate their coffee production from men to gain visibility and a voice inside their community, and serve as a vehicle for social change and empowerment. The Café Femenino movement now includes thousands of women farmers from nine countries across the world.

Peru Femenino
Varietal Bourbon/ Catimor / Colombia / Typica
Altitude 1000 – 2050 metres above sea level
Processing Washed
Taste Cocoa, Pineapple, Sweet
SCA Score 83
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